When you are charged with assault whether it originates form a domestic dispute, a bar fight or is done in self-defense, the legal ramifications in addition to the physical pain are significant. You may also face restitution exposure for injuries inflicted. This is a time when you need experienced legal counsel to protect you from a stiff jail term. I will explore the possibilities of your potential defense options. With my experience and understanding of the law I will guide you through and protect your rights.

Civil Union Dissolution & Same Sex Divorces

With the changes in the law allowing first Civil Unions in New Jersey and now Same Sex Marriage comes inevitably the possibility that these unions may need to be dissolved or the parties’ may seek a divorce.

I have extensive experience in dealing with first the civil union dissolutions and have knowledge and expertise to handle your divorce if necessary

East Brunswick Attorney Thoughts

East Brunswick Divorce AttorneyLately, one of the most frustrating aspects of the practice of law, especially in my small office, has been the lack of courtesy in returning phone calls and e-mails. Whether it is other attorneys, court staff, or clients, there is so much wasted phone time and computer time requesting return phone calls to schedule pending matters or obtain simple information in furtherance of a case. Of course there are the shining stars in the courthouse and in other law offices that take the time to be courteous and professional, but, they are the exception. If 2014 could bring something positive in my practice, it would be that my wish would come true, that someone out there would just CALL ME BACK!!!

East Brunswick Family Court Divorce Attorney

EastBrunswick Family Court AttorneyIf you live in East Brunswick  you can find a number of listings for East Brunswick Family Court Divorce Lawyers, so finding an Middlesex County divorce attorney is is easy. What can be quite difficult is hiring one that truly cares about your custody, visitation, child support and or divorce issues as much as you do. Our East Brunswick law firm pledges to do just that.


East Brunswick Family Court Attorney

Juvenile Matters

When your son or daughter gets into trouble in NJ it can be a truly harrowing experience.  You are angry that they have done something wrong, but as a parent you want to do all you can to help them.  Understanding that the focus of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation, not punishment, I will show you how to avail yourself of the programs that may guide your son and daughter on a better path.  Often there are drug and alcohol issues that have contributed to the problem or even social issues of bullying by or against your child.

With my hands on approach and knowledge of the  Middlesex County Family court system, I will get you and your family out of the legal difficulties you are in with a strong guiding counsel that you can trust. I am a qualified attorney who has handles juvenile matters in Middlesex, Somerset, Union, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean, Essex and Hunterdon Counties, among others. Contact us today for a free consultation on your family’s particular juvenile delinquency or DYFS family court issue.

Middlesex County Lawyer for Juvenile Offenses



Drafting Marital Settlement Agreements

If you and your spouse can agree to the basic terms of the divorce settlement of the issues of your marriage you will need an attorney with experience to draft the marital settlement agreement. This document will set the stage for a future of peaceful coexistence if properly drafted. If the terms of your agreement are not properly defined, however, it may leave the door open for future litigation to interpret poorly drafted provisions or paragraphs that are open to interpretation. Having handled hundreds of post-judgment litigation motions, I know what to be careful to include, how to word the provisions and what to omit. I will guide you through and achieve the resulting agreement that will give you closure and finality to your divorce litigation. We have successfully drafted marital settlement agreements and consent orders all throughout NJ including Middlesex, Somerset, Mercer, Monmouth, Union, Ocean, Hunterdon and Essex Counties, among others.

Middlesex County Lawyer for Consent Agreements

Domestic Violence Litigation

Are you in need of a NJ attorney that hanndles domestic violence or restrain order matters? The sad and terrible truth is that sometimes the man or woman you trust to marry may become violent and threatening. When this happens, it turns your life upside down. You need an attorney who will guide you through the process of protecting you and your children from harm. I will explain to you the statute and the protections it affords. I have tried hundreds of final restraining order hearings in Middlesex County and have the expertise and experience needed to obtain the results you want and need.

Middlesex County Lawyer Home

NJ Municipal Court and Traffic Matters

My office handles all traffic and municipal court matters for Middlesex, Somerset, Mercer and Union Counties. Whether you have a speeding ticket, a driving on the suspended list, driving while intoxicated, or any other significant traffic infraction that may cause you to incur surcharges on your automobile insurance or high fines. I will use my expertise to negotiate a reduced charge or lower fine or obtain a dismissal of the charges. Most cases can be handled for a flat fee.

I also handle shoplifting, simple assault, harassment, and other disorderly persons offenses in municipal court as well as domestic violence complaints originating out of a temporary restraining order. I will work hard to obtain a dismissal of the charges or an amendment of the complaint. With the 29 years of experience and a familiarity of the local courts and prosecutors. I will guide you through the legal process and resolve the problem to your satisfaction.


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