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East Brunswick Child Custody AttorneyThe Ruling in Plotnick v. DeLucia, wherein the Court held that a woman’s right to privacy and to control her body during pregnancy outweighs the father’s right to notification and entry into the delivery room raises many other questions of first impression.

On its face, it seems that this is a just decision. A woman in her final stages of pregnancy and early labor should not be subjected to stress levels that would endanger herself or the baby. She should be protected and enjoy a safe haven during childbirth.

The troubling part of the issues involved in the decision is that the fighting between mother and father over the children has now entered a new zone. It was bad enough to watch estranged parents play tug of war with young children. The very foundation of the childhood of these children is devoid of any feeling of safety and comfort. Now the time line starts before the umbilical cord is cut, that the parents are fighting over whose name is on the birth certificate and when the father can see his child.

The time has come for parents of all shapes and sizes, two moms, two dads, estranged or surrogates, to realize that they are bringing a real life person into the world and that person has rights of their own. These real life people have the right to a childhood filled with love and caring and learning about the world and parents have no right to take that away.