Criminal Cases

How much will it cost

This usually depends on the severity and complexity of the case. A municipal court case that requires only one court appearance and limited discovery will of course be less expensive than a more serious offense that requires multiple court appearances and motions to the court or even a trial. I will sit down with you and evaluate what needs to be done and how much work will be involved. I will do my best to give you a good idea of how much your case will cost before I enter an appearance on your behalf.

Will I be facing jail time or fines and if so how much?

At the initial consultation phase, in my office, I will review with you the nature of the offense and the penalties that you may face if convicted. I will also discuss with you the defenses I perceive you may have to diminish or get rid of the charges against. Your first consultation is free of charge.

If I am found guilty of DWI or plead guilty and I lose my driving privileges can I get some sort of provisional license to drive to work?

In some states you can but not in New Jersey. I will work diligently to explore any and all defenses that are available to defend you so that you either do not lose your license or if you do, for the least amount of time under the statute.

What is my alcohol consumption limit?

Your consumption limit depends upon a number of different factors, including your body weight, the amount of time between drinks, the type of drink you consume and  how much you have eaten prior to consuming the alcohol.  Keep in mind that “one drink” is considered as either one beer; one three-ounce glass of wine; or one ounce of hard liquor.

Divorce And Custody

How long will it take?

It’s hard to say as each divorce is different. Depending upon the complexity of the case it could take from 3 months to a year, maybe longer if there are complicated custody or financial issues.

How much will it cost?

This is also not an easy question to answer. Because my time is billed on an hourly basis, the more time I spend on your case, the more expensive your divorce will be. I have always taken the position that I will always try to resolve your case as favorably and as inexpensively as possible. I will never file frivolous and expensive motions. I will only file motions that require immediate and necessary relief. I will work together with you to resolve your case as expeditiously and inexpensively as possible.

Do I have to worry about losing my children?

The most frequent legal disposition as to custody of the children is Joint legal custody with one parent as primary custodial parent. The courts and statutes are to be construed as gender neutral, so that neither parent is automatically presumed to be a better parent. Maximizing the time with both parents and working toward a schedule that is in the children’s best interest is always the goal to work towards.

What if one parent is abusive or using drugs of Alcohol excessively?

This can be brought to the attention of the court and the spouse may be required to see the children in the supervision of the court or another trusted individual until the parent seeks treatment and is clean and sober.

Will I have enough money to live on?

The divorce statutes and the case law in New Jersey seek to place the parties in the position of a comparable lifestyle after the divorce as they enjoyed during the marriage but simple common sense dictates that two households cannot be run exactly the same way for the same amount of money so the parties must be realistic in their expectations. I will seek to obtain the most favorable result that I can reach for you. I will carefully review all the relevant financial information and make suggestions and recommendations along the way as to how to best resolve your case.