Legal Fees

How Much Does Legal Defense Cost?

One of the first questions most clients have when facing criminal charges is how much their defense will cost. Of course, the answer depends on the circumstances of your case and the extent of the work required to prepare your defense. I will sit down with you and attempt to quote you a fee after an initial consultation to assess your situation.

Is A Trial Included In The Price?

Ordinarily the price quoted for your defense does not include the price of the trial. However, most of the work needed to get a good trial outcome occurs before the trial begins. Good trial preparation often results in a settlement or even the dropping of charges before the case goes to court. Skipping trial preparation in order to save money might actually cost you dearly in the end in the form of higher legal fees and a worse case result.

What Extra Expenses are Involved?

In addition to the fees quoted to you, a case of any complexity may require investigators, psychologists and other non-lawyer staff. There may be costs associated with obtaining documents, evidence or other records. I will discuss these fees with you up front. While it is not always possible to predict the additional costs that might arise in trial preparation, a good rule of thumb is to estimate about 10% of your legal fees for these outside costs.

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

Generally my divorce cases are handled on an hourly basis. The total fee for your divorce is based on how time consuming and complicated your case may be.