Middlesex County Drug Offense Attorney

Middlesex County Drug Offense AttorneyThe Headline reads “Heroin’s Death Toll Rising, City Data shows, a

shift in those who use it”. The statistics show more people have died

from overdoses from heroin in New York City this year than in any year

since 2003. The further disturbing facts show that the hardest hit areas

of the city are among the white and higher income New Yorkers and

older Hispanic users in the Bronx.

The scenario is oft-repeated across the country. The younger hip users

begin by using prescription opiate pills that simulate the same high as a

heroin high. When they can no longer afford their habit, they switch to

heroin because it is a better high and much cheaper.

The carnage arrives in my office after the user is addicted, stealing from

family and friends, using credit cards to get cash, stealing a friend’s car

to drive to bad neighborhoods in Trenton or Newark to buy drugs that

could potentially kill them, or someone else.

Recently I represented a young addict, I went to see him in jail after

his family had called the police on him. He had stolen his girlfriend’s

mother’s car and cash, and driven to Trenton with his girlfriend to buy

drugs from a nefarious dealer on the street who sold him beat drugs and

took his money. This was probably a blessing in disguise as he ended up

sick with withdrawal, rather than dead from an overdose.

This kid was lucky though. His family loved him enough to find a

lawyer, to bail him out and get him into Middlesex County’s Drug Court

program. When I met him in jail he was 6’2”, 145 pounds. His skin

was sallow and he was emaciated and under nourished. After being

admitted into the program, in patient for six months, and the intensive

out patient, I bumped into him in Court one day while waiting for

another case.

“Ms. Brower” he shouted.

I turned to look at a young man I barely recognized. He had a smile on

his face. He had gained about 30 pounds. He looked healthy and happy.

He shook my hand.

“Thanks for everything, I am really doing great. Looking for a job and

staying clean.”

That is the kind of day that makes me certain that I have the best job